About me

I'm a Web Developer & Technical Consultant from Dhaka, Bangladesh, working as a Freelance Web Developer and Tech Consultant. I do enjoy design webapp, program and maintain Smart Home System.

My job is to do Design, Develop Webapp & Design - program - maintain Smart Homes, and offices also transform traditional houses into smart homes so you can live a smart life. Moreover, I design & set up custom local server-based Hybrid smart home system ready-made & custom build devices to give you the freedom of using cutting-edge smart home products from different brands. I do provide smart home layout, a complete list of products with the required guides and program, and maintain projects remotely.

What i'm doing

  • Smart Home Consultancy

    Smart Home Consultancy

    Hybrid Smart Home System Design & Setup.

  • Web Design and development

    Web Design & Development

    Webapp Design, Development & Maintanance.

  • Home Assistant Floorplan Designer

    Smart Home Dashboard Design

    User friendly Web, Wall-Mounted Tab & Mobile Dashboad Design.

  • Tech Support

    Tech Support

    Work Related Technical Support & Maintanance.


  • Alex Syromiatnikov

    Alex Syromiatnikov

    I had the pleasure to work with him for a couple of number of different Smart Home projects and was impressed with the depth of knowledge he possesses. He is an energetic worker who displays a sincere desire to help others. Is the one who is always ready to take that extra mile to get the job done. High energetic out-of-the-box thinker. I would recommend him.

  • Adrian Walsh(UK)

    Adrian Walsh(UK)

    I have worked with Jahangir for a couple of jobs recenlty privately and I have more than impressed with his capabilities. Jahangir had no real issue implementing these and went above and beyond to ensure everything worked and ran smoothly. I will definately be calling on his skills again in the future. He is trustworthy, helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Chris Woods(USA)

    Chris Woods(USA)

    this guy is the real deal. I talked to several people on this site about this project he responded right away he was the only guy that said that I didn't have to go out and buy extra stuff he remoted into my PC knocked it out within an hour I can't say enough good about him.

  • Aman Gupta(UK)

    Aman Gupta(UK)

    Great person to work with

  • Brad B.(Canada)

    Brad B.(Canada)

    Truly excellent service and knowledge. Highly recommend! Great communication. Was a pleasure to work with you and very on time! Exceeded all my expectations.

  • Pita (USA)

    Pita (USA)

    Very skilful designer, good in communication, takes into consideration all client's interests, behaves professionally! You will have good experience working with him.

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